Breast Cancer: 5 Things to Know

November 3, 2015

Right in our own backyard at the University of California at San Francisco, Dr. Laura Esserman is preparing for a study that will examine if a personalized approach to screening for breast cancer is as effective and safe as annual mammograms. In an article by Alec Rosenburg at the UC Newsroom, Dr. Esserman talked about […]

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Does Love Have Anything to Do With It?

October 12, 2015

Oxytocin has been in the news for 25 years and been given the moniker “love hormone”. A breezy reading of Internet articles suggests what we need is more oxytocin to cure what ails us. The chemistry engendered by this hormone and brain neurotransmitter is really much more complex (who would have guessed??). A much better […]

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Are You Still Counting Sheep? Take a Nap!

June 22, 2015

"Sixty-five percent of us will have trouble falling asleep tonight and be exhausted tomorrow." – James Maas  According to James Maas, "Quality sleep is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity". I know you’re thinking, "then why the heck is she writing about napping"? You’ve probably been told (or read) that napping during the day is bad […]

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It’s the Little Things

October 13, 2014

“I have to tell you, I’m very skeptical of this slow motion workout stuff.” Those were the first words I heard from one of my long time clients, Elaine Mayland. Elaine retired to New England at age 80. Her incredible wit and humor will be greatly missed in the studio. Shortly before leaving, Elaine related […]

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Muscular Growth & Hierarchy of Necessity

June 24, 2014

You’re doing your work out and you are getting near the end of an exercise. Your muscles are burning; they’re screaming, “Stop, Stop”! But your trainer is saying, “Keep Going” we’re going to work through the burn! Your first inclination is to strike the trainer soundly about the head but damn, they’re just out of […]

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Gardening This Spring? Keep your Body Uninjured!

April 19, 2014

Well…spring has sprung! It’s that time of year when we want to get outside and work in our garden. Gardening is very, very good for us as long as we follow a few basic rules. 1. Start slowly. If you are going to be doing some hoeing in the garden, start at 10 minutes at […]

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The Benefits of Strength Training on Osteoarthritis

March 25, 2014

Well, it only took a few minutes to Google™ up more articles than anyone could read in one lifetime about osteoarthritis and the benefits of strength training. So I scrolled down through the list and picked from what looked like the more prominent names in the study of health and exercise. After reading them, you […]

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