Breast Cancer: 5 Things to Know

by Taru Fisher on November 3, 2015

breast cancer photo: metastatic breast cancer betalipsheading.jpgRight in our own backyard at the University of California at San Francisco, Dr. Laura Esserman is preparing for a study that will examine if a personalized approach to screening for breast cancer is as effective and safe as annual mammograms.

In an article by Alec Rosenburg at the UC Newsroom, Dr. Esserman talked about 5 important things women needed to know about breast cancer:

  1. Breast cancer isn’t one disease
  2. Not all breast cancer is life threatening
  3. Not everyone needs the same approach to screening
  4. Consider participating in a clinical trial
  5. Precision medicine shows promise

Dr. Esserman also talks about the Wisdom Study which aims to determine whether annual screenings or a more personalized approach to screening is most effective in fighting breast cancer.

To read the full article and to learn about the Wisdom Study, go here.

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