Exercise Safely With Our High-Intensity SafeStrength® Training

We Use Slow Motion to Create The Most Efficient, Effective and Safe Way to Improve Your Fitness

Think you can’t get fitter in 20 minutes, twice a week? Let us prove it to you!

People know they need to exercise. But their schedules don’t permit putting in hours at the gym so they end up doing nothing.

The truth is when you use high-intensity strength training, you can increase your fitness by exercising for just one or two, 20-minute slow motion, strength training sessions a week. You will also build strength, bone density, and lean muscle mass. 

Alive!’s SafeStrength® Training is safe, fast, and efficient.

At Alive! your Trainer will be with you, setting up your equipment and guiding you through every high intensity, slow-motion exercise. We make every minute count. That’s how just one or two 20-minute sessions add up to all you need for the week.

We are NOT a gym

The Alive! Fitness Studio environment is calm, cool, and quiet. There is no music blaring.

The workout is high intensity but you won’t sweat, so you can work out in your street clothes.

Safe for people with physical challenges or needing rehab

A SafeStrength® Trainer supervises you throughout your workout. The protocol is slow motion and low impact so it’s safe and effective even for people with physical challenges. In fact, our clients with physical challenges testify to the significant improvements they have achieved with high-intensity strength training.

Finally, there are no membership fees at Alive! Fitness Studio.

Gyms are great for people who love working out, people who love putting in an hour or two a day, wearing spandex, and getting a good sweat.

Others, not so fond of any of those things, still need to build strength. The place for you is Alive! Fitness Studio.Equipment for High Intensity Strength Training

No more excuses!

If you haven’t been exercising because you dislike the gym scene, or have injuries that need rehabbing, you owe it to yourself to try this. Let us prove to you that SafeStrength® Training is the best and safest way for you to gain more energy and a stronger body to enhance your life. Save money, too! Here’s our current Special Introductory Offer ==> click here

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