SafeStrength® Trainee

A SafeStrength® Trainee for our Traineeship Program

Not interested in working for one of the “Wal-Mart’s” of slow-motion strength training businesses or franchises? Neither were we, so we opened Alive! Fitness Studio 19 years ago and we are still going strong.

That’s where you come in…IF you have a passion for making a real difference in the lives of others.

IF you want to learn the safest, most effective method of strength training available, then Alive! is THE place to get your training and certification.

We are looking for one or two EXCEPTIONAL people who are mature, responsible, and love providing world-class customer service.

You will:

  • learn the safest, most effective strength training program available today,
  • be trained/mentored by exciting, passionate, service-oriented Trainers,
  • learn skills, attitudes, and practices that will benefit your health and well-being for the rest of your life,
  • be part of a select group of SafeStrength® Trainers trained in our method of slow-motion, high-intensity, low-impact strength training, and
  • have your own personally designed strength training program.

This is an experiential training program, so much of your time will be spent learning the SafeStrength® method for performing slow-motion strength training:

  • machine setup for medical-grade MedX exercise equipment,
  • exercise rotation and progression and how to safely customize for each client,
  • adjusting machine and weights to give the most effective and safest workout in 20 minutes,
  • how to align and position the client in the equipment,
  • client coaching for rapport, accountability, motivation, proper exercise execution, and
  • how to chart the results.

You will also learn the following:

  • how to manage the exercise experience, making it results and safety driven,
  • human anatomy and kinesiology,
  • how to develop the proper exercise protocol for post-rehabilitation of major joint problems, and
  • how to provide the safest and most effective workout for young adults all the way to our elders over 85.

Our ideal Trainee:

  • is eager to learn,
  • is mature-minded, committed, and dependable,
  • is proactive, honest, and self-motivated,
  • demonstrates a passion for delivering exceptional service, every day,
  • is passionate about helping others, enthusiastic, personable, and friendly,
  • has excellent communications skills with the ability to develop lasting personal connections with clients,
  • must be able to frequently lift/move heavy weights of up to 45+ pounds, squat, bend, reach, and maintain prolonged standing and walking, and
  • is looking for supplemental income – once certified, will have the opportunity to start their own business and rent space and our equipment in our facility in Placitas, NM

The training takes place at our locally-owned, slow-motion, strength training studio in Placitas.

Our next Trainer Training program will be scheduled as follows:
Dates: TBD 

The days and times are tentatively Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm, with home study between the in-person training sessions.

In addition to the hands-on sessions and home study, you will “ghost” James at the Studio for 10-15 hours. After satisfactory completion of the “ghosting,” you will, under supervision, work out real clients.

You will be required to read and understand all materials, as well as pass both a written and practical exam to become a Certified SafeStrength® Trainer. When you have passed your exams and become certified, you will then be competent enough to work out your own clients.

If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity or have more questions, contact James at


Here’s what some graduates said about the program:

“James is a delight to work with. He has a great sense of humor and is a terrific teacher. He is clear, patient, and supportive in helping you grasp concepts and learn the intricacies of the equipment. His ability to combine a relaxed style with being clear and firm where appropriate made for an effective learning environment.

James also has so much knowledge and skill and is encouraging and supportive with all of the clients, no matter what their personality type or goals.

He and Taru have created a well-run company that delivers!

As a health coach and educator adding SafeStrength® to my services was a great fit. I love helping people make significant changes in their lives via a safe, effective exercise program.”

– Mary-Helen McMahon
SafeStrength® Trainer

“I gained a significantly improved understanding and awareness of the physical systems – muscles, bones, joints – involved in strength-training.

I also came away with a deep understanding of the subtlety and intricacies that make up SafeStrength® training – those components that create the complete experience I have long felt on the client side… and that made me want to be a trainer myself.

In particular watching how James trained me – and in shadowing his work with clients – I learned a great deal about working with people, far more than I expected having worked with people all my life. James has a gift in his awareness and understanding of others – their physical state, their mood, what’s affecting them — that not only comes across in his training but serves to make the training that much more effective; furthermore he manages to actually transfer and teach some of this awareness during the training program. I felt at first overwhelmed, but then empowered and enabled, by it.

I have an increased confidence around my ability to help others on their strength and fitness journeys and in my ability to respond to individuals’ unique needs – this is all thanks to the knowledge-set provided me during the training program.”

– John Davi
SafeStrength® Trainer

“This program taught me how to work with others in a way that I can help people stay healthy and strong. It gave me knowledge about anatomy, how the body moves, how muscles gain strength, and how to safely stay strong while aging gracefully.

The most significant difference it’s made in my life is that I’m now doing something that feeds my soul…I enjoy working with people and being physically active.

Overall, the Training Program was challenging and I enjoyed it. I felt supported and given all the tools I needed to be successful. James is a very knowledgeable instructor and he has a great way of communicating with the students.”

– Linda Kerwin
SafeStrength® Trainer

“The SafeStrength® Trainer’s Training Program at Alive! Fitness Studio broadened my knowledge base in both physiology and kinesiology, and added a new strength training protocol and equipment set-up to my repertoire.

As a SafeStrength® Trainer, the protocol’s 20-minute work out keeps me fresh, alert, and prevents burn-out. I am able to totally focus on my clients and meet their needs.

My overall experience was that the program was so thorough and effective, I felt I could immediately and competently begin working with clients.

James’ warm personality, patience and consideration demonstrated his belief and dedication toward improving the health of his clients and the welcome he extends to all.”

– Donnalynn Polito

“After completing this program, I had a greater appreciation of Form (and Focus) when performing exercises, and confirmation that individualized training in a quiet, un-crowded facility improves performance and enjoyment. Through learning NLP techniques, I also improved my ability to communicate with and motivate clients.

The most significant difference I see in my life as a result of doing the SafeStrength® Trainer’s Training Program, is the increased confidence I have both as a SafeStrength® (and SuperSlow®) Trainer, and also in Pilates. I developed the ability to recognize where improvement in form and an awareness of body alignment and body dynamics can greatly increase strength while reducing risk of injury.

I really appreciated that questions were always welcomed and encouraged. Also, as a Kinesthetic/Visual learner, physical repetition of set-up and protocol really helped me get it.

Overall, I had an awesome experience.”
– Kent Young

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