Our Method

What is SafeStrength®?

SafeStrength® is a strength training protocol using specialized equipment that delivers significant results by working out for just twenty minutes, twice a week!

Get results from a 20-minute workout.

SafeStrength® training makes every minute count.

Because you move the weights slowly, the intensity of the workout is greatly increased. SafeStrength® training is designed to bring each muscle group to full fatigue in two minutes or less.

Just twice a week.

You’ll get best results by coming in for a 20-minute session twice a week. Your ideal workout program and schedule will be established at your Initial Evaluation session.

Safe. Simple. Supervised.

Working out at the gym by yourself, you risk injury from improper form.

At Alive! your Trainer will be at your side, supervising your form throughout your workout, making sure you are keeping good form and breathing correctly in every exercise.

Because you are lifting and lowering the weights at an extremely slow speed, safety is built into the program. Force and momentum are specifically kept out of the program. That’s how you can spend two minutes or less on each exercise yet get the benefits of exercising much longer.

Safe for every age.

This strength training method was initially developed as part of an osteoporosis study of elderly women at the University of Florida in the early 1980’s.

Since then a number of studies have shown that this type of strength training is both safe and highly effective for middle-aged to older adults; it also provides a wide variety of health benefits.
By moving the weights slowly and reducing the force, the risk of injury is virtually eliminated. That’s why we call if SafeStrength®!

Our Philosophy

We believe that it is possible to feel well, be strong and function independently throughout your life…however long you live.
We know that health is a function of building and supporting one’s mind and body.

We’ve discovered that aging doesn’t have to mean losing strength and ability. Muscle tissue can be strengthened and re-built at any age. And it’s never too late to start.

Our purpose is to make aging powerful instead of painful. We’ll show you how!

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