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James Bell, SafeStrength® Master Trainer

James BellAfter SuperSlow® strength training changed his wife’s body, it changed James Bell’s life.

James was a custom woodworker and musician. Changing careers was not on his mind. But when he saw the difference SuperSlow® strength training made for his wife, Taru (read her story here) he was inspired to learn the method himself by interning with a physical therapist; and then, to become an instructor.

“We didn’t realize how much of our lives we had let slip away until we saw how much more we were doing,” James says. “I felt so different. I knew this had to be my life’s work.”

In 2004 James and Taru opened Alive! Fitness Studio. “Alive! because the work gave us our lives back,” James says. Today, after working with thousands of clients, James has developed his own slow motion, high intensity, low impact strength training program. His SafeStrength® program is now used exclusively for Alive!’s clients.

He has also created and teaches a SafeStrength® Trainers Certification Training Program so others can learn this safe and effective method.


Taru Fisher, Certified NLP Coach, NLP Master, NLP Health Practitioner, and WealthyMind™ Trainer

Taru Fisher

Alive! Co-founder Taru Fisher inspired her husband, James, to open Alive! Fitness Studio to help their clients become strong and healthy, like it did for her.

Taru’s experience with SafeStrength® training, which took her from being incapacitated with Rheumatoid Arthritis to being able to leg press 340 pounds, was the inspiration for her and James to found Alive! Fitness Studio.

Taru’s training is in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a method which uses cutting-edge communications tools to produce rapid and lasting change in one’s life. Her passion is educating  her clients about Medical Cannabis and through coaching helping them create a life of vibrant health.

She is passionate about supporting her clients as they extend their reach and become the vibrantly alive person they deserve to be. Having overcome her own significant health issues and forged a new lifestyle for herself, she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt her clients have the same potential.

The experiences on Taru’s spiritual path have given her an understanding of what is possible beyond the limitations of the ordinary mind; she believes in the absolute potential in each and every human being.

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