Our Story

James Bell, Co-Founder of Alive! Fitness Studio tells this story:

In 1999, I was watching my wife Taru deteriorate before my eyes. At 57, she was crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis to the point of finding it difficult to walk even half a block, or pull open the cupboard door. We searched for answers, but found few.

Reaching a point where she was ready to try anything, Taru found a nutritionist, Dr. Harold Kristal, who finally helped her unlock the key to her healing. As she started feeling better, her Rheumatologist recommended she try SuperSlow® strength training to regain her mobility.

Taru’s transformation through the program was so impressive, I began SuperSlow® strength training myself.

The impact it had on me was even more profound: I decided to change careers, and become a Certified SuperSlow® Instructor.

With Taru’s help and inspiration, we opened our studio, Alive! Fitness Studio in 2004. We continue to grow stronger every year.

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