Are You Still Counting Sheep? Take a Nap!

by Taru Fisher on June 22, 2015

"Sixty-five percent of us will have trouble falling asleep tonight and be exhausted tomorrow." – James Maas 

According to James Maas, "Quality sleep is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity". I know you’re thinking, "then why the heck is she writing about napping"? You’ve probably been told (or read) that napping during the day is bad for you and will exacerbate any insomnia you may have. This is not true according to current sleep research. 

Our fundamental, internally programmed pattern is known as biphasic sleep which is composed of one long period of sleep at night AND a short period at midday. In the 1950’s, Dr. Jurgen Ashoff of the Max Planck Institute in Germany provided hard, scientific evidence that a midday nap is part of our DNA.

It’s not your lunch that’s making you sleepy, it’s your need for a midday nap! Napping is natural and most beneficial for alertness, mental ability, and overall health. Now I can already hear the objections; it’s our conviction here in Silicon Valley that “time is money”. This thinking that napping is a waste of time is what gets in the way of our taking a brief, rejuvenating 20-minute midday power nap. 

What if this 20-minute power nap gave you the following benefits?

  • Longer life and more energy
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Better memory
  • Increased productivity
I’ll bet these benefits are enough to get you power napping.  I’ve been powernapping between 2 and 3pm each day for over 10 years with the help of an application called Pzizz. It uses voice, music, and subliminal suggestions for getting the most out of the rest of your day when you awaken. It actually becomes more effective the longer you use it. Now, all I have to hear is the first few words and I’m asleep. Here’s a link to a review and a way to get Pzizz at no cost

You’ll need to find your own best nap time, typically between 1 and 3pm. Just make time to nap each day and do it in a safe place. If it’s difficult for you to nap during daylight hours, a sleep mask can help. 

I started by putting it on my calendar with a notification, and now that’s not even necessary. It’s become a regular part of my life. Napping has made my afternoons much more productive, and I sleep more soundly at night. It has become essential to my health and wellbeing. You could say I’m addicted to it, but better a nap than taking drugs for sleep.

Remember, instead of drinking a caffeine filled latte or a sugar-laden soda for your afternoon boost, take a nap. Power napping… the pause that refreshes!

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