Our Events

SafeStrength® Training: How to Strength Train Safely & Effectively – Temporarily on Hold

Once a month, James, our Master SafeStrength® Trainer, gives a presentation that teaches how to safely and effectively strength train using a slow-motion, low-impact method.

Alive! Educational Series – Temporarily on Hold

At least once a month, sometimes more, Alive! has a health and wellness related practitioner or business at the studio to give a free evening talk/demonstration.

One of our past presenters was Dr. Damon Miller, MD, ND who gave a presentation on how to prevent, avoid, and even reverse Diabetes without the use of drugs.

These events are free to the public and are meant to be a both an educational experience and introduce San Carlos and surrounding communities to Alive! Fitness Studio and the guest presenters.

Because these events have proven to be very popular and our space is limited you must RSVP by completing the Event Registration Form at the bottom of each event page if you wish to attend.

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