Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Creating Your Exercise Plan

by Taru Fisher on February 21, 2017

Mistake #1: Setting an unrealistic exercise schedule
Your enthusiasm to get quick results can be a double-edged sword when you are new to exercise or after returning from a long hiatus. Excited, your mind commits to your goal. Your mind’s eye sees the results. Your internal voice says, “This time, I will succeed.”

After a week of exercising at a furious pace your body weighs in on the idea of exercising. You are more tired than usual. Your body is achy and the whole idea is becoming less fun.

You take one day off. One day becomes two. Now you have work conflicts and you take a few more days off. Before you know it, you’ve stopped exercising.

Match your exercise to your whole life schedule
The amount and kind of exercise you put in your life needs to match your life schedule. And you need to put the exercise time and place in your schedule. No winging it.

Start slow and easy. You can gradually increase the pace as you become comfortable with how and when you are putting exercise in your life.

Mistake #2: Not enough rest
This is the corollary to an unrealistic exercise schedule. Exercise is work — that’s the point. Pretending you can get by on less than 7-9 hours of sleep is a disservice to your body and your health.

When you put exercise in the equation, healing and repairing is even harder for your body. The lack of rest will catch up with you. And your response will likely be quitting exercise. Factor healthy sleep into your life schedule. In fact, make healthy sleep your priority — ahead of exercise.

Mistake #3: Letting a pause or interruption turn into a stop.
Giving up can be a temptation whenever you make a serious change in your life. You run into difficulty with responsibilities or your schedule. You make the choice to sacrifice your exercise time. You tell yourself, “I’ll make it up.” But you never do. When the difficulty shows up again: you sacrifice your exercise, again. Soon you are telling yourself, “I’ve missed so many times, why should I even bother?”

When you’ve missed your workout schedule ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What can I do instead? (Does walking come to mind?)
  2. What is my Plan B for the crunch times or unexpected life interruptions? (Again, does walking come to mind?)

And say this statement to yourself:
“I’m committed to my exercise. I am starting this process again, tomorrow.” Then get up tomorrow and follow your plan.

Sometimes each day requires a different schedule, a different mode of exercise. Thinking you will take a particular class 3 times a week when realistically only one of those times works, is a recipe for failure. You must plan what works for your schedule in reality. Stop planning a schedule that looks pretty on paper.

Create an exercise plan that works for you

  1. Exercise at a life sustainable pace.
  2. Rest – that includes sleep and having leisure time.
  3. If your plan stops working, re-evaluate and start again.


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