Too Busy To Workout?

The busy professional wants to save time anywhere they can. Here’s how we can help:

Alive! Fitness Studio’s highly effective and very safe slow-motion high-intensity strength training protocol can give you all the benefits of exercise in two 30-minute sessions per week. And you can do it in your street clothes!

We are NOT a gym. We are a private fitness studio dedicated to helping the busy professional get stronger and safely reap the health rewards of exercise. You will have a personal certified SafeStrength® Trainer taking you through your individualized program; making sure you are getting the most out of your training.

Ready to commit to putting exercise in your life? Ready to act on improving your health? Try our get acquainted Introductory Offer and see how this powerful form of exercise can be a part of a healthier you.

Read the testimonials of some very busy professionals and how we solved their “no time for exercise” problem

Easily fits into my busy work schedule…

“I was referred to Alive! Fitness Studio, which uses the SafeStrength®; training method, by a client of mine who heard me complain about “no time to work out.” When I heard that I can gain strength (which would also protect me from bone loss, common for a 50 year old woman whose family suffers from osteoporosis), and that I can do this in 20-30 minute sessions using the SafeStrength®; method, I joined the Alive! Fitness Studio program. I found I could reach new strength levels that I had never attained before, and I’m only six months into the program. I now find that I look forward to my work-outs (which are only 2 times each week for 30 minutes each session), not only because I recognize it is the best thing I am doing for myself, but because I am happily amazed that I am getting very strong, I can fit it into my busy executives’ schedule, and I really enjoy James Bell’s professionalism, knowledge, and true caring about my well being.”
– Mary K.

Busy life? 30 minutes in street clothes…

“My wife and I have a local business that limits our time for activities. The 1/2 hour programs Suzanne has put together allows us to effectively add exercise and strength training to our lives and they are working for both of us. In less than one year and at age 66, Suzanne has moved me to where I feel stronger than I have ever felt in my life. So yes the program does work, the progression seems slow while you are doing it so just stick with it the results will come. Lastly when your life is very busy, the convenience of this process (30 minutes in your street clothes) makes this a program you can stick to.”
– Jim M. and Jeanne G.

Looking forward to something I use to hate…

“Suzanne has been encouraging and totally aware of my needs. She hits the perfect balance of personalized compassion and professionalism. What attracted me in the beginning were the short sessions, but I have come to look forward to something I hated in the past: exercise!”
– Elyce M.

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