Decrease Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease by Increasing Your Exercise Effort

by Taru Fisher on December 2, 2016

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a scary prospect. We can’t cure AD but prevention is possible.

A recent UCLA landmark study showed increasing physical activity increases the size (or gray matter volume) of key brain regions. Increasing physical activity improved regions related to memory, hearing, sensory integration, problem solving, judgement, language and emotions.

Study participants experiencing these brain benefits also reduced their risk for AD by 50%.

It’s not the exercise, it’s the effort

The study also showed increasing the effort of any physical activity brought brain benefits. Dancing, walking, gardening, resistance training, aerobic exercise are all good ways to increase physical activity.

Choose an activity you like and put more effort into it. That’s when you get the brain benefits.

Another study supports this conclusion: men who walked shorter distances had an increased risk of AD compared to men who walked longer distances.

Lifestyle changes for preventing Alzheimer’s disease

According to George Perry, PhD, Editor in Chief of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, “Currently the greatest promise in Alzheimer’s disease research is lifestyle intervention including increased exercise.”

Stop worrying about your risk for Alzheimer’s disease

Change your risk by increasing the physical activity in your life. You are not confined to spandex and blaring music. Choose an activity you like and bump up the effort.

You can no longer afford to do nothing. The more you use your body the more you improve your brain.

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